Capital DAO Protocol is the First Decentralized
Venture Capital Using DAO for MultiChain.

Web 3.0 begins to permeate every field, many VCs remain in their traditional style.
disrupt Venture 2.0 and move to Venture 3.0.

Problems of Each Player

  • Venture Capitals

    following the old business model despite Web 3.0

  • Projects

    selling tokens to VCs at low prices, and the tendency for communities to leave as token prices fall

  • LaunchPad Platform

    There is no utility for tokens needed for the Platform other than IDO participation, which ROI worsens, token prices will fall.

  • User

    Participants tend to be less literate and suffer more losses in the Bear Market


  • 01Democratizing access to investments

    With the Capital DAO Protocol, everyone can access investment opportunities that are usually reserved for VCs and other interested parties.

  • 02Community-driven protocols

    The Capital DAO Protocol is determined by all governance functions, from incubation projects and setting protocol parameters to other trivial matters.

  • 03High quality reports

    With the Capital DAO Protocol, everyone can access investment opportunities that are usually reserved for VCs and other interested parties.

  • 04Investment Proposal

    Holders of Capital Dao Tokens can raise a proposal to the governance board and propose an investment approach for early/seed/series A, etc. projects.Projects that exceed a certain percentage in governance will be approached and negotiated by the Capital DAO Protocol team.

  • 05Mutually beneficial partnerships

    Projects that become part of the Capital DAO portfolio gain more than just capital. The project will get the testers, the team, and the community it needs to succeed. And investors can enjoy early testing of the product, incentives, etc. for their initial investment.

  • 06Triple Token Model

    We have Triple tokens: the Capital DAO Starter Token (Ticker:CDS) and the Capital DAO Token (Ticker:CPDT), the Capital DAO Profit Token (Ticker : CPDP)which will serve as IDO participation. By having three types of tokens, the utility is divided and the value of the token is prevented from being damaged.

Traditional VC and Competitive
IDO Platforms

  Traditional VC Capital DAO Protocol CEX Launchpad Polcastarter BSCPAD DAO Maker
Investment opportunities for general users No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Investment proposals for projects No Yes No No No No
Decentralized? No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Number of Tokens Nothing Triple Model Single Model Single Model Single Model Single Model
How to Invest Project Nothing Allocation distribution based on the contribution of the holder + LaunchPool Holding CEX Token + Lottery Tasks by POLS holders + Lottery Allocation distribution to BSCPAD holders Staking DAO Token and Lottery

Description of Token Utility

  • Capital DAO Token / CPDT

    Capital DAO Token / CPDT

    Token Type


    Total Supply



    -Governance participation/Voting

    -Suggestions for Governance

    -Earn CPDP

    -Staking at DAO Worker

  • Capital DAO Starter Token / CDS

    Capital DAO Starter Token / CDS

    Token Type


    Total Supply



    -Join and Invest on Capital DAO Starter

    -Staking of Capital DAO Launchpool

    -Earn Reward

  • Capital DAO Profit Token / CPDP

    Capital DAO Profit Token / CPDP

    Token Type


    Total Supply


    -A portion of Capitail DAO's revenue can be earned indirectly by holding CPDP

CDS Token Distribution

CDS Token Distribution


20% on TGE, 20% every 3 month after 3 month cliff


25% on TGE, 25% every 3 month after 3 month cliff


25% on TGE, 25% every 3 month after 3 month cliff


12 month cliff , Unlock Linear for 2years

Use of Fund

Investment Fund : 60%

Operation Fee : 20%

System Development : 20%

Token Economy Image

Token Economy Image

Incubated Project
by Capital DAO Protocol

  • 01

    Capital DAO Token (CPDT)

  • 02


  • 03


  • 04


Apply for IDO


  • Q32021

    - Seed/Private Sale

  • Q42021

    - DEX Listing

    - Yeild Farming / Staking Start

    - launch of Dashboard MVP

    - launch of Governance Function

  • Q42022

    - Development for the IDO platform, including V2 Staking system and Seed Sale Program

    - Voting by Snapshot regarding CPDT IDO

    - Development for DAO Worker platform

  • Q22023

    - First round of funding with Capital DAO Starter($CPDT) The first IDO will be a sale for $CPDT

    - Launch of V3 Yield Farming/Staking Launch pool will be opened. You can receive new IDO Tokens as rewards by Farming/Staking CDS and CDS/ETH

  • Q32023

    - Multi-chain support for Capital DAO protocol will be supported by Astar Network

  • Q42023

    - Launch of the full functional DAO

    - Launch of V4 Yield Farming / Staking You can earn $CPDP by Single Staking CPDT and Yield Farming CPDT/ETH

    - Multi-chain support for the Capital DAO protocol Will be supported by BNB Chain & SOLANA

    - Launch of DAO Worker

Help bring the next-generation of crypto and web3 projects
The Capital DAO Protocol aligns the incentives of community investors with promising projects.
Unlike traditional IDO Platform, we aim to provide community with equitable access to promising projects.